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Auto Answers

Because our auto buying service is a new idea in auto sales, you probably have a number of questions.  We will answer as many of these as possible.   If you have additional questions, send them to 

Why Buy A Car This Way?

Auto sales is a big business.  Sales people are trained to ask the "right" questions so that you will buy today.  The excitement of owning a new car is great, and many people just "trust" that they are getting the best deal.  In the past, most people paid dearly for the overhead of a showroom, sales people and advertising that all car dealerships must have.  If you have ever priced newspaper advertising, you know that these car dealerships spend a large amount of money to bring you to their lot.  We are very different.

We do not have a big, beautiful showroom in an expensive part of town.  We don't pay for television ads to scream our low prices to you.  In fact, for the ten years that we have been in business, we have relied on word of mouth advertising as our main source for referrals.  Parents buy from us, and then their children buy from us.  That is the way we like it.

An educated consumer is our best customer because you already know what you want, and you already know what it costs locally.  When you are at this point, complete our form and we will contact you.

How Do I Get The Car?

If you are outside the Ohio area, the car will be delivered to your door via a shipping service.  Not UPS, but a service that specializes in the delivery of automobiles.  Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live, but our customers have found that this added cost still makes the deal better than what they can find locally.  We have even shipped Internationally, so contact us for details on this service.

Our shoppers are able to buy most cars within a week, so you will not have to wait very long for your delivery.  Imagine a new car arriving in your driveway?

What If I Don't Like The Car?

Serious auto shoppers are who we serve best.  Make sure you want the car you are requesting.  Test drive local models to find out if you like the way it handles.  Returns are possible, but a re-stocking fee and loss of shipping fees will apply.  We certify that the auto has passed our inspection service prior to shipment and that it is the best from those autos currently available.

What About Warrantees?

We sell a number of "new" used automobiles - those 2008, 2009, and even 2010 models with very little mileage.  These cars are still under full factory "Bumper to Bumper" warranties.  If anything at all is wrong with these cars, the repairs are covered at the dealerships.  These cars are our best values.  You have the cost savings that come with a used car, and the safety of a free warranty from the manufacturer.

We also offer add-on warrantees for all of our automobiles.  Your buyer will discuss this option with you if you are interested in this feature.  Reasonably priced, these warrantees offer excellent protection and piece of mind.

Who Am I Dealing With?

This service is brought to you by Frontier Car Company, LLC, a licensed auto seller in central Ohio.  A family owned business for 10 years, we have been providing this service to our valued customers.  We would like to introduce this service to you.  Call or email us at us with questions, and a buyer will be in contact with you. 

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