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Welcome to a new way of buying your next car or truck.  If you look around the Internet, you will find a growing number of places to look up makes and models of autos with prices and features.  These autos are at local dealerships where you can go and buy them.

When we looked around at these web sites, we noticed an unusual thing - their prices were all too high.  They pull you in with a "no haggle" policy, and you think that you are making a great deal.  You may not be making your BEST deal.

We provide a new solution.  Our Custom Buying Service finds the right car or truck for you at a lower price.  You are not buying a car on our lot, or on the lot of some other dealer.  We buy the car just for you from the wholesale auction - where ALL dealers buy their cars.  We don't pay overhead on the auto, and you save that money.  We ship the car to your door - in the US, Canada or Internationally.

The autos that we buy are certified used autos, most with factory warranties in place.   Look at the other places, then come back here and place your no-obligation request.   Our experienced buyer will contact you to let you know just how much money you will save.

Our best customer is an informed one.  Please bookmark this page and then visit the link to the Kelly Blue Book Site.   Research your model and features and write down the prices. Then click back to this window - and complete the form.

 kelley2.gif (3244 bytes)Use Kelly Blue Book Prices for ComparisonClick on the year that represents the year of the car or truck that you wish to purchase. Then put in your request using our form. Our buyer will save you money!
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